Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & ReStore!

At Norwich UpCycle, you’ll find a stunning selection of bespoke one-off upcycled lamps and many curious, quirky, unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Brass, copper and many other metals from redundant pieces are salvaged to extend and enhance our unique lights, with a strong aesthetic that can be reimagined as beautiful lamps.

Take a look at our Etsy Shop

Unique Lamps for your Home, Office or Man Cave

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What is Upcycling
The process of converting waste unwanted materials or useless end of life products into new products of better quality finish therefor better environmental value, We waste too much already countless second life products are thrown away without a second thought .
You can see countless items thrown away everyday, Norwich UpCycle and my contributors from Norwich and the surrounding areas will in our own little way give the more interesting items a second life, by the nature of these creations they are going to be
Ready to see how beautiful Rubbish can be?